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Kathleen Cannon (Left) and Mary Uran (Right) smiling next to each other in front of GOTR Logo

Transition Announcement

Mary Uran, our co-founder and long-time executive director, is leaving her position later this year. Mary has poured her whole heart into building the organization from the ground up,  bringing GOTR to the Twin Cities in 2011. We’re excited to announce that we have named our current Program Director, Kathleen Cannon, as the new executive director of Girls on the Run Minnesota, effective December 1, 2022.

A Girls on the Run participant stretches at program practice to prepare for the day.

6 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Drinking enough water every day is an essential part of human health, making water the best drink choice for everyone — including growing girls. Even though it can sometimes be more tempting to reach for a sugary or caffeinated drink, when you choose water instead, your body will thank you every time.