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GOTR Minnesota

Introducing Hello, Superstar!

GOTR Participant smiles while holding a Hello, Superstar! journal out

We are THRILLED to be launching a brand new, evolved Girls on the Run curriculum this spring! Throughout the season, teammates will focus on building confidence to be ourselves and love ourselves by activating our star power. With expanded guidance for coaches on disability inclusion, thoughtful lessons like "Be an Includer" and Girls on the Run's key combination of joyful physical activity and social-emotional learning, we can't wait to see this curriculum come to life through our incredible coaches and participants during the Spring 2024 season! 

New Curriculum

The 20-lesson curriculum was intentionally created to meet the needs of today’s girls with industry experts, participants, caregivers, coaches, and councils all providing feedback during the development process. Here are seven reasons why we’re excited about Hello, Superstar! 

1. The star-powered theme Hello, Superstar! 

The theme of this curriculum honors the fan-favorite Star Power lesson from our former curriculum. It focuses on confidence to be yourself and sets an empowering tone for the entire season.

2. The critical need

Numerous studies and reports have shown the decline in girls’ mental health and physical activity levels over the last decadeThe world has changed, and the needs of girls and the pressures they face have intensified. This curriculum supporttoday’s girls through meaningful and fun lessons and activities that keep girls moving. 

3. The inclusive environment 

Throughout the ups and downs of childhood, places of belonging offer girls stability, reassurance, and the freedom to be themselves. Hello, Superstar! further emphasizes the value of understanding emotions, accepting ourselves, and embracing what makes us shine in our own way in an environment where every participant feels accepted. 

4. The increase in the number of GOTR tools in every girl’s toolbox  

One of the very best parts of Hello, Superstar! is that it still features many of the evidence-based, all-star lessons touching on core topics relevant to 8– to 10- year-old girls such as managing big emotions, fostering friendships, and expressing empathy that have been proven to transform! And we’ve added even more. These lessons provide participants with the tools they need to navigate adolescence.   

5. The opportunity to deepen the GOTR experience for returning participants 

We love to see participants return for multiple seasons of joyful learning. Hello, Superstar! gives these loyal GOTR team members the chance to continue to add to their GOTR toolboxes with refreshed confidence-boosters and memorable activities. After experiencing this stellar curriculum, they will activate their Star Power long after the season ends.  

6. The inspiring new look 

With vibrant hues of orange, pops of electric blue, and eye-catching graphics of sparkling stars, the design of Hello, Superstar! joyfully reflects the positive energy of the girls’ experience. 

7. The space for girls to talk about what matters to them 

One of the best parts of our program is just holding space for every girl to talk about what is on her mind and what matters to her. This new set of lessons provides even more space for participants to speak up and share. Plus, it offers opportunities for girls to lead through the Community Impact Project, practice sections, group discussions and more.

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